Crescent School Student Utility

the first of its kind, the concept of the CSSU was born during a hacking competition between two grade nine students at Crescent, to see who could programmatically retrieve their marks from Crescent's online markbook.

In December 2012, just a few weeks after that fateful hacking competition, Jonathan Libby began writing the first version of the Crescent School Student Utility. After a few failed attempts and plenty of sleepless nights, the Student Utility has become a staple of Upper School life and is used by more than three quarters of Crescent's Upper School students.

CSSU users308
Students in Crescent Upper School~360
Coverage (percentage of US students using CSSU)85%
Inactive users (users using CSSU less than once / week)14%

Havergal College Student Utility

Coming this fall.